Dear NYC,

After 4 wonderful years we have been forced to stop our street vending operations. This is caused by the insupportable system NYC has for street vendors with broken permitting, contradicting parking laws, amongst many other things. This has taken a toll on our family since it is a big disappointment to see our business forced to stop because of lack of regulations from the city. We will continue to cater private functions and as most of you know we have a restaurant in Queens ( that will satisfy any taco withdrawal any of you might get. Thank you for your patronage, friendship, your smiles and your support. We hope to have new exiting ventures in the near future and until then we will hope to see you at Chela & Garnacha!

 We encourage you to find out more about what is happening with the NYC vendors by watching this video provided by the Street Vendor Project


  Please contact us at if you have any questions. 

Visit our sister restaurant! Chela & garnacha in astoria, queens!

with the pineapple and salsa verde, this taco was bursting with sweet, fruity and spicy flavors. Squeezing on fresh lime juice added yet another flavor.
— -NY Street food
, an awesome smell came out of the wrapper. Too bad the Internet doesn’t have Smell O-Vision because if it did, you would be drooling right about now.
We are talking crispy cheese quisadillas, tacos with tender bistec, flautas drenched with salsa, and hot sauce that could burn your face off but only if you like to be embarrassed in that way
Rating: 2 nipples hard as hell, it hurts so good.
— ShawarmaHabibi
Mexico Blvd’s Lunch Combos Are the Way To Go
— Midtown Lunch